Should I Insulate My Attic Ceiling?

August 29th, 2012

 Should I Insulate My Attic Ceiling? Has this question been bothering you? Insulating the attic ceiling doesn’t come cheap. It is also a time consuming affair. However, the benefits far outweigh the cons. Benefits of Insulating the Attic Ceiling Reduces energy costs – Air conditioners and heaters work hard to maintain a consistent temperature in your house. If the attic is not insulated, the air within will escape. This will result in the appliances doing more work which will end up increasing your energy bills. Insulate the attic ceiling and note the difference in your energy bills. Increases the comfort of your house – When the atmospheric conditions change, the temperatures inside the house will also change. In summers, your house will be quite warm and in winters it will become cold. By insulating the attic ceiling, you can control the temperature variation inside the house. That means during summers, your house will be cool and during winters your house will be warm if insulated properly. Increases the value of your house – Do you plan to sell your home in the future? By insulating the attic ceiling, you are increasing the value of your home. Potential buyers will look at a well-insulated house as an energy efficient home thereby increasing its value. Tips for insulating the attic ceiling
  • Make sure that the insulation is properly done. The insulation should be continuous and it should cover the ceiling completely.
  • There are different types of insulation. Be sure to choose the right type of depending on the temperature of the region.
  • Make sure that the attic ceiling is well-sealed. However you should also maintain the ventilation in the attic.
Types of insulation Fiberglass – Fiberglass is widely used for home insulations mainly because of its excellent insulation properties. It is advised not to use fiberglass in areas where there is a lot of moisture. When the fiberglass becomes wet, the insulation properties are reduced. Fiberglass is also not recommended in very hot regions as extreme heat can melt the material. It can be used for insulating ceilings and walls. Cellulose – This is used in homes mostly as it is cheaper than fiberglass. Cellulose reacts better to damp and wet regions. So if you live in a place that has constantly low temperatures, then cellulose would be a better option as its insulation properties are not affected in cold regions. Mineral wool – Mineral wool is resistant to fire and does not absorb water or moisture. It is a permanent insulation solution as there is no need to replace it. However, lots of care has to be taken while installing this type of insulation. Insulate your home and save on your energy bills. ‘Should I insulate my attic ceiling?’ will never be a bothering question anymore if you want your house to be a comfortable place to live in.