Save on Energy with Attic Insulations

October 29th, 2012

The high cost of energy is like a plague. Energy costs are at an all time high. Saving energy is a great way to save money but saving energy goes well beyond the cost to your pocket. A simple was to save on energy with attic insulations is to have someone from Attics Plus come out and check on your attic space to see what insulation will work best for you. Energy in most cases is not a renewable resource which means once you use it, it is gone. It is the responsibility of every person in every country to make sure that they are doing their part to conserve energy. Conserving on energy is good for everyone and it is especially good for the planet! How Much Can You Save? If you did nothing other than take the advice of the experts at Attics Plus and only had insulation installed and did nothing else like lower or increase your thermostat by a few degrees you can right now save around 15% on your energy bill. In some cases you will save more than the average 15% if you have taken other necessary steps to weatherize your home. 15% of a $5000 a year energy bill is almost $1000! That is a lot of money to cut out of your budget. The best part you only pay for the insulation one time but the savings is forever.! In New Construction In many areas new construction is already mandated to have a certain amount of insulation in the attic but older buildings do not fall under those regulations because they have been grandfathered into the new rules. The government has really tightened regulations on the presence of insulation. Insulation is one of the most effective ways to cut back on energy costs. Older homes are exempt from the new regulations but that does not mean you should not enjoy the same energy savings. You do not have to go and build a home from the ground up to get the same type of insulation and energy savings. You can of course experience the same energy efficiency of a new home by simply having the experts from Attics Plus come out and take a look at what attic insulations will be best for your home. The process is simple and the cost is affordable and you get so much out of it. Save energy and money!