Ridge Vent Installation – How to Find a Contractor?

July 18th, 2012

The attic and the roof are two most important parts of your house which are often, the most neglected, too. The attic is often the least visited area of the house, and hence the least cared for. Such negligence can lead to an over-all damaging effect on the entire house. Yet, it’s never too late to give a fresh lease of life to your attic with a ridge vent installation. Many argue that with a little bit of skill and ingenuity, these vents can be installed without professional help. However, because this is a job requiring great agility and skill, it is best left to a professional. A professional will be able to acquaint you with the purpose and utility of the installation. You may follow the given steps to find the right contractor to do your job: Inspection Before you decide on acquiring this system, fix an appointment with the professional. Ask him to inspect your house and give you a report regarding your roof and the best choice of ridge vent. He should be able to:
  • Check for any damage that has occurred to your roof
  • Check if any mould growth or mildew has formed in your attic leading to rotting wood
  • Provide practical suggestions regarding attic repairs, apart from the ridge vent installation
  • Suggest if the existing home vent system can be readjusted to suit the purpose
  • Suggest the types of vents available and the most suitable one for your house
  • Layout the spacing of the vents for effective ventilation of the attic
  • Check the building codes of your neighbourhood and check whether the new ventilation system will comply with it
  • Recommend the most cost effective solution to your ventilation problem
  • Advise of the most suitable season to undertake the job
Estimate The contractor should be able to give you a correct estimate of the job that he is going to take up. These are usually hazardous jobs, involving working on steep roofs. Insist on a final estimate, rather than an approximate one. The latter may lead to a cost escalation as the work progresses. He should not be given the opportunity to stop the work midway to complain of difficult work conditions. Expertise Ridge vent installation requires a high level of skill and proficiency. Make a survey of the local contractors and visit their workshops. The contractor should have all the latest tools and equipments necessary for undertaking the job. He should also be aware of the latest methods and techniques employed for the installations. Word of mouth is a very important tool for finding the best contractor. Have a word with your friends and acquaintances to get the contact details of the professional who has given satisfaction. Guarantee Although the job may have been done well, it needs a few months to pronounce the final judgement. If any difficulty arises after the completion of the work, the contractor should be willing to help. Choose only that contractor who promises a guarantee on the job. A ridge vent installation is a necessity for any modern home. Although it is best to install them when a new house is being constructed, with the right professional help, you can have it done perfectly in your existing roof structure, as well.