Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

October 29th, 2012

The quickest way to throw money away is to let it fly out through your attic. Not having the right insulation in your attic is like opening up the window and just throwing the money out the window. You can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs by insulating your attic. Most homes built prior to 1990 are not insulated properly. The insulation may even be present but it is not sufficient. Adding insulation or reinforcing the insulation that is there can literally reduce your heating and cooling costs by 15% or more. When you consider that you pay thousands of dollars a year for heating and cooling 15% can add up to be quite a chunk of money. Insulation Professionals There are a lot of companies that offer insulation as part of their services but there are not many companies that offer insulation options as their primary service. Attics Plus specializes in only insulation options making them the premier experts on everything insulation. The insulation professionals at Attics Plus will come to your home and do a complete assement of your home to see which type of insulation is best. The experts from Attics Plus are well versed in the types of insulation and which types work best for different situations. How It Helps No matter how old or new your home is there is a certain amount of settling that it will do. The settling can leave gaps in the building those gaps become escape routes for your heating and air conditioning. Those gaps also let the weather in. The proper insulation will not only keep the heat and cooling energy in but keep the cold and heat out as well. Insulation is not a new idea before modern building times at the turn of the nineteenth century newspapers were used to line walls to act as an insulator. In many old homes if you peel back the oldest layer of wall paper there is newspaper. People would ball up the newspaper and stick it in the cracks and crevices to keep the air from coming in and the heat going out. Today of course insulation is much more effective. It can really reduce your costs and make your home much more comfortable. Let the experts from Attics Plus come out and tell you how you can reduce your costs! The process is fast and the information is free!