New Soffit Installation – How to Choose a Contractor?

August 10th, 2012

Soffits help to protect the rafter tails from damage. If your soffit starts deteriorating, then you must replace the boards to prevent further damage. New soffit installation is not only difficult, but also involves hazards that invite accidental falls. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire professionals to do this job for you.   Here we will discuss how to choose a soffit installation contractor. To avoid being swindled, consider the following factors when installing a new soffit.   Factors to consider when installing a new soffit   Size of the soffit   Measure the length and width of the soffit opening. Measure the size correctly; and make sure you buy the exact sized soffit. This will save you the hassle of extra cutting during the installation.   Appropriate Material   You must identify the kinds of material that are used for your home’s exterior. Then you can figure out what type of material is suitable for your soffit. If your home’s exterior is made of wood, you can install a wood soffit to match the exterior   If the exterior is made of vinyl, you can install a vinyl soffit. Viny soffits do not need frequent painting. In addition, they are quite suitable for humid, damp locations. They are also recommended where animals, namely squirrels and birds are likely to cause damage.   How to select a soffit installation contractor? With too many companies to choose from, you might be spoilt for choice. The following points will help you choose your contractor wisely. It may be better to simply avoid the top companies. Although they provide efficient services, their costs usually go far beyond the standard market rates. At the same time, it is worth avoiding companies that quote unbelievably low prices.   Prices set too low, typically means that you would pay for substandard services. If your soffit is not installed properly, then soon you will be spending your money on repairs and even re-installation. Furthermore you can’t rule out the possibility that the companies offering too cheap services may con you out of your money. In order to get real value for your money, you must do some research before approaching contractors. Find out the standard market price for material and services related to soffit installation. This will save you a great deal of money. Also, do not get carried away by “big names” or ultra cheap services. It is recommended that you hire a small firm based in your town. Most local companies are particular about their reputation and hence deliver the services they promise. It is a good idea to consult your neighbours and friends who hired contractors for new soffit installation. Ask them for their recommendations. They would probably give you their unbiased and authentic reviews. You may also learn some valuable do’s and don’ts based on their experiences. Use the internet. A good company will definitely be listed on the web. All you have to do is go to a popular search engine and type in “New soffit installation contractors in xyz town”. The search engine would immediately display a number of local companies probably ranked as per customer ratings. You can also look up past customer reviews. However, be prudent because commercial websites are known to glorify the companies listed on their sites.