The Importance Of Insulating Your House

January 31st, 2013

Heat rises; just like you need a hat on a cold winter’s day to preserve your body temperature, your home needs insulation in the attic to ensure it stay warm on the coldest of winter days.  Attic Plus is a premier provider and installer of the finest insulating products for your home and your business.  Our team has the expertise and the skills that you need to ensure that the temperature in your home does not become too cold during the winter, and remains cool in the summer. Save Money With Proper Attic Insulation Insulating your house can save you hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling bills each year.  By adding the recommended amount of insulation to your home’s attic, you can effectively lower your electricity or gas bills.  A properly insulated attic keeps the warmth your heating system generates where it is supposed to – inside your home.  It also helps to keep your home cool in the summer months by better retaining the cool air that your air conditioner works so hard to generate.  In most cases of older homes or homes that do not have the proper insulation, it takes only months to recoup the expenses associated with new insulation. Insulation Ratings Insulation for attics is measured in thermal resistance values indicated by R values.  These values are regulated by the government to ensure that you receive the desired level of protection from insulating your house.  Recommended insulation values and ratings differ depending on where you live.  Homes in the southern part of the United States, do not need the same insulation rating as homes that are in the northern, and colder areas of North America, including Toronto, Ottawa, and other parts of Canada. Insulation, like most things in life, can outlive its usefulness.  The R value rating of insulation naturally breaks down over time and a home that was once well insulated can become poorly insulated.  The professional team at Attic Plus can do a thorough evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of the insulation in your attic.  They can let you know when they believe that you would benefit from insulating your house with one of the new state-of-the-art insulating products that is now readily available on the market today.  Call them today and schedule a consultation and learn more about how you can save money on your heating and cooling bills.