Importance of Attic Inspection

August 10th, 2012

When you are about to buy a home, you would ideally follow a checklist to see that the home is in perfect condition. However, in most cases, people tend to forget about the attic. It is extremely important to focus on an attic inspection too. The attic can tell a lot about the home’s history, initial construction features, durability against weather and any other damages. It is extremely important to include attic inspection in your checklist. Window to history of the property A thorough attic inspection will help you understand the history of the house for the simple reason that the previous construction and materials will remain untouched in an attic. When home owners renovate their home, they usually leave the attic untouched. When you buy a home, the chances of finding the old construction intact in the attic will be high. It will help you understand what material was used to build the home in the beginning. It will also help you understand whether the home is in good condition. Signs of rodent and termite infestation A thorough attic inspection will show you if the house has been infested by rodents or termites in the past or whether there is a potential of it being infested again in the near future. This will help you decide if it makes sense to buy a home that might need pest control or termite treatment later. Furthermore, homes that already show signs of pest damage have lower sale rates. Weather damage Extreme rainfall or cold winters will first damage the basement, attic and external walls of the house. Only an attic inspection will tell you how much or how great the damage was in the past and whether it can withstand changes in weather in the future without more damage. Water leakage If the attic has cracks in the walls, it may be an indicator of major water leaks that will affect the rooms below either in way of actual water leaks or moisture accumulation (which eventually leads to fungus and wall damage). Furthermore, if you do happen to see any prominent leaks in the attic, you can be certain that there will be leaks in the future too, unless you renovate and repair the attic. But, it is only a thorough inspection that will tell you how much repair work will be needed. In this case, you can always ask the broker to lower the price of the house! The right insulation system Attic insulation is an extremely important feature of any house. Without a well insulated attic, the rest of the house will experience a loss of ventilation and a growth in moisture accumulation. An attic inspection is therefore necessary to check if the existing attic has the right insulation system in place. If it doesn’t, you can always get it fixed but you will have to negotiate a lower price for the house in that case.