How to Insulate an Attic?

August 10th, 2012

An attic is also a part of your house. So any changes or installations made to it have its effects on the entire house. Poor attic insulation can have far-reaching consequences leading to a damage of the insulation system of the entire house. If you want to know how to insulate an attic, the following tips can help you. Why insulate an attic? Attic insulation is important for:
  • Energy savings
  • Cost efficiency
  • Comfortable and healthy living
Do you need insulation? Before deciding to insulate an attic, ask yourself if you really need a new insulation. Before pulling down your existing insulation, get a contractor to evaluate your system and pronounce the final verdict. Doing the groundwork You need to do a bit of groundwork to avoid being duped. You need to keep the following things in mind.
  • Insulation cost depends on the area to be covered.
  • It is also dependent on the material used.
  • There are various methods and materials to choose from.
  • Before insulating the attic, complete repair work of the entire roof has to be done.
  • All gaps and holes have to be sealed properly and effectively, otherwise the insulation will not be useful.
  • Avoid putting high density insulation over low density insulation.
  • Get a contractor to advise and guide you on how to insulate an attic.
Types of insulation You can choose from among
  • Batts
  • Blown
  • Spray
Look for the R-value, which is the indicator of the resistance to heat flow. A high R-value indicates superior insulation. What to look for in a contractor? After you have done your groundwork, it’s time to get a contractor to do the job. Consult at least three contractors and get their quotes for the sake of comparison.
  • A local contractor is always a good choice as you have easy access to his workshop and office.
  • You can also get a personal recommendation from a friend or neighbour who has just got the work done.
  • Check on the credentials and licenses of the contractor. Operating without them may be dangerous.
  • If possible, make a visit to his workshop and see that he uses the newest techniques and has knowledge about latest developments.
  • He should first survey and evaluate the area to be insulated and give you information on the best and most cost effective method for you.
  • He should also provide after sales services to repair all those damages due to wear and tear.
  • He should be willing to give a guarantee on his installation.
Signing the agreement
  • Be careful to read between the lines to identify hidden costs.
  • Ask the contractor to give you a break-up of the costs to get an idea of the components to be used and their respective costs.
  • Don’t make a full payment before the job is done. Agree to pay a part before and the rest after the execution of the work.
Now that you know all about how to insulate an attic and have got the right contractor to do the job for you, sit back and relax and also help your neighbour with useful advice.