Finding a Real Attic Insulation Expert

August 29th, 2012

Finding a real attic insulation expert is not an easy job. All houses are not designed alike and the same applies for your attic too. You have to weigh your options carefully before making a final decision. Choice of Insulation While finding a real attic insulation expert, it is important to consider the types of insulation materials they are offering. Usually loose fills and spray foams are used in attics. However, depending on the shape and size of your attic, the insulation company will suggest the best available type of insulation for your attic. Quality The quality of the insulation material depends on its R-value. When the R-value of the insulation material is high, the heat loss from your house is less during winters. Also, less heat will penetrate the walls into your house during summer. Hence check if the R-value of the material that the company offers is reasonably high. Installation procedure The major reason for insulating your house is to enhance its thermal insulation level. A better thermal insulation not only depends on the R-value but also on the efficiency with which the insulation is installed. Check whether they have skilled workmen who can deliver perfect work. Air barrier and flame resistance Heat travels through convection (through air) apart from conduction. Hence apart from insulating the walls of your attic, it is important to create an air barrier. If certain materials are added to the insulation, it will act as an air barrier too. Another important fact is that materials used for insulating an attic must be flame retardant as the attic is usually covered with wires and pipes. This is an important consideration. Do not forget to ask your insulation contractor if the material used is flame retardant and if it is an effective air barrier. Experience and reputation You cannot trust a company based just on their low cost estimates or the services they claim to offer. Before you entirely trust the insulation company, find out more about their experience in the field. Most companies have a website. You can read the feedback of their customers and find out about their service efficiency. Enquire how fast they can accomplish the work. Look out for negative remarks if any. Positive remarks can be fraudulent sometimes. If you find no negative feedbacks from any customer, you may consider signing a contract with them. Cost Most of the websites offer a cost estimate for the type of insulation you require. You can choose one that falls within your budget. Other ways to find an attic insulation expert You can ask your neighbours, relatives and friends to give you the contact of a trusted insulation expert they worked with. Nowadays, there are websites that act as a bridge between a contractor and a client. These websites take in the type of work that has to be done from you and connect you with the right choice of insulation contractor for you. Finding a real attic insulation expert is an easy and smooth process once you are clear about your needs and the real offers the company provides.