How to Estimate Attic Insulation Cost?

October 3rd, 2012

Adding insulation to your attic or upgrading your attic insulation is a well known secret for keeping your heating and cooling bills in check. In the bitterly cold, freezing winter months, most of the heat loss occurs through the attic. And in the summers, the attic is the first place in your house to heat up. That is why, attic insulation is highly necessary to lower your energy bills significantly. An attic insulation calculator will help you figure out how much you need to pay for this home renovation project. Attic insulation can be quite expensive, especially if you have an old house with outdated insulation. Attic insulation calculator will take into account several factors such as the place you live in, heating type, size of the area requiring insulation and square footage of your home to give you an estimate of how much you need to spend to insulate your attic. How to Calculate Attic Insulation Costs Through An Insulation Calculator? Get hold of an insulation calculator in the internet by typing in the keywords ‘home insulation calculator’. There are hundreds and thousands of such easy to use calculators abounding in the virtual world. Many attic insulation companies, companies which sell insulation materials or companies who specialise in roof repair and home renovation offer these types of free calculator services on their sites. Select one of these calculators and enter the dimensions of your ceiling or attic in feet and inches. You have to enter the dimensions for both your attic width and length. Then you have to select the primary source of heat for your home – fuel oil or heat pump or gas or electric furnace. Then you have to click on the corresponding insulation zone. For example, if you live in Canada, you have to select the Canadian climatic zone (cold freezing snowy long winters and short, pleasantly warm summers). Then you have to press on ‘calculate now’. The calculator will show you the recommended R values in your climatic zone and how much you need to pay for your attic insulation per square feet in that particular year. The prices shown by the calculator is an indicative estimate that will help you determine a rough budget. For a more definitive price estimate, you may need to call in professionals. In south eastern Canada, it may cost you between $ 1700 and $ 2250 to insulate a 3000 square feet attic with blow in attic insulation. This includes the cost of basic materials as well as labour charges.  The average price of insulating your attic with a blow in attic insulation is around 56 cents to 74 cents for each square foot in 2012. How much your attic insulation may cost you ultimately depends on several factors such as finish quality, level of preparation, complexity of the job, cost of the material, labour charges and total area to be covered. Local building department inspection fees and permit fees are not included in the estimate determined by an attic insulation calculator.