When Should You Consider Fixing Your Attic?

October 3rd, 2012

Most people spend hours tidying and maintaining their living room and dining room. But people usually forget about the attic. They do not realize that their attic is just as important a part of the house. The attic is a long lost and forgotten place in most homes. People generally avoid using their attic and might go into their attic just once a year. Most people use their attic to store old trunks or boxes and might visit it only if they need to find something or check if there is a water leak. If you experience problems with your insulation system or have a water leak then it is time to fix your attic. Furthermore if you suspect that rodents or other animals like squirrels are entering your attic then it may be wise to fix or redo the entire attic. A professional Toronto attic restoration company would be best suited for the job. Before you contact a professional company though, it always helps to understand what can be done under different situations. If there is a water leak If you do not go into your attic often then the chances are that you will notice a leak only after it has become serious. In this case, you should first examine the extent of damage to the walls and floor. One way of doing that is by checking the material the wall and floor is made of. Based on how much has withered away or worn off you will be able to estimate the seriousness of the damage. Once that is done, try to find the source of the leak. Attics usually leak due to damaged roof shingles or tiles. A slight crack on your roof may also result in a serious attic leak. After you have found the source of the leak, it is important to immediately seal it (even if only temporarily) before fixing or redoing your entire attic. When you find a good Toronto attic restoration to redo the attic, be sure to choose waterproofing materials to avoid the occurrence of leaks in the future. If there isn’t enough ventilation Although building codes usually require attic ventilation, most people believe that attic ventilation is overrated. If you use your attic to store old boxes then it may be useful to get it ventilated. This will help keep the air in the attic fresh. This will also keep your belongings from spoiling easily. Furthermore, when your attic is well ventilated, it will help reduce or even stop the growth of mould. If there is Ice damming The ice that collects on your rooftop during the winter months will usually melt completely during the spring season. However, if your attic is not insulated and if there are air leaks then it will result in ice damming. On the other hand, you can avoid ice damming if you insulate and seal your attic well. If you experience ice damming then you can contact a professional Toronto attic restoration company. A professional will be able to judge the seriousness of the damage before giving you a remedy.