How to Find an Attic Ventilation Company in Toronto?

July 18th, 2012

Attic ventilation is essential for an energy efficient home. When your attic ventilation becomes old, worn out and damaged (through snow storms or hail storms), it is necessary to contact the right contractor for a proper repair job. There are many ways you can select an attic ventilation Toronto company. The following guidelines can be helpful for you. Things to Consider While Choosing an Attic Ventilation Toronto Company
  1. Instead of selecting a fly-by-night contractor or an unscrupulous out of state contractor who can dupe you and run off with your money, you should choose a local attic ventilation Toronto company. If anything goes wrong later on, you can hold the Toronto company responsible and ask them to fix the post installation issues immediately. A reliable contractor will do the necessary repair job without charging you a dime.
  2. Do not ever pay upfront. If any contractor demands upfront payment, move on to another one. Most reputable contractors can cover their expenses on their own and ask for payment after the job is completed.
  3. Although a written and signed agreement is highly necessary, you should never sign on anything that doesn’t make sense to you or confuses you. Ask for clarifications from your contractor and understand all the clauses thoroughly before signing any document.
  4. Whatever estimates and evaluations your contractor may offer must be on a 'no obligation' basis.
  5. If any contractor offers suspiciously low price quotes or estimates, you should be wary of their intentions. You should contact a number of contractors in Toronto and ask for free quotes. If any contractor demands too much or too little, try out the next contractor. Sometimes ridiculously low bids are offered by dishonest contractors who steal construction material from other people’s roofs and drive ways.
  6. Sometimes the best way to judge a contractor is to ask him where he got his supplies. Your attic ventilation contractor may choose to run off with your money without completing the task and you may have to clean up their mess and foot the bills, especially if they have filed liens on your house.
  7. Check the references and credentials of your contractor. When hiring an attic ventilation Toronto company, reputation and goodwill matter the most.
  8. Before hiring the services of an attic ventilation Toronto company, ask them to give you a written agreement stating the scope of services and the negotiated price. This will prevent misunderstandings later on.
Other things to check are insurance and registration. Your Toronto attic ventilation contractor should be registered in the province of Ontario and you should verify this fact by checking out the necessary government website. Do not just rely on the contractor’s words. Your attic ventilation Toronto contractor should carry a general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. If they don’t possess this insurance coverage and an accident takes place in your home that leaves the workers injured, you will be held financially responsible for their medical expenses. Your contractor should offer you current insurance certificates without any hesitation.