Attic Insulation Products – An Overview

August 10th, 2012

Attic insulation is fast gaining importance and popularity because of its ability to make a home comfortable in extreme weather conditions. Attic insulation has several benefits; however it is important to focus on choosing the right insulation company to install a good system and to choose the right products. There are several kinds of attic insulation products. However, you should always discuss in detail with your contractor what would suit your home structure best. Learn more about the more popular attic insulation products. Batts system Batts are traditionally made of either cotton or fiber glass. Whatever the material they are made of, they are sold as large interwoven pieces of insulation that are bound together. The reason they are commonly used in attics is because they are easy to install and inexpensive to buy. However, these two features do not make up for the disadvantages of batts type insulation. Batts do not cover all the spots and places in the attic that need to be covered for insulation purposes. That is because the material doesn’t fit every opening in the attic. Although this can eventually affect the quality of the insulation system, if you do not want to overspend while insulating your attic then Batts could be a good product for you. Blown fiber glass and cellulose Blown fiber glass or cellulose pieces are products used for installation in bigger sized attics. The procedure is simple – a contractor will blow the tiny pieces of fiber glass or cellulose into the spaces that need to be covered with a hose pipe. These products and the special system used for it ensure that the attic is covered where it needs to be to provide maximum insulation value. A large machine is kept outside to convert the material into chunks before it is blown into the attic. Spray foam insulation Another well known attic insulation product is spray foam. A material called icynene is used and is sprayed across the attic with a special pressure nozzle. It easily and quickly fills up every spot and space in the attic that needs to be covered to offer the best insulation. The material is durable and keeps mould and rodents away. It is known to be highly eco-friendly and keeps the attic fresh for longer periods of time. When it comes to choosing the ideal attic insulation product for your home, a few tips always help. Natural products Before you choose a product to fulfil your attic insulation needs, always make it a point to find natural products. The more synthetic a product is the higher the chances of wear and tear within shorter spans of time. Natural products last longer and keep rooms fresh too. Furthermore they will be easier to replace. Products that serve dual purposes When you choose a product to insulate your attic try to choose one with dual purposes. For instance, spray foam insulates an attic while keeping mould and rodents away. So the price you pay to install it will definitely be worth it in the long run.