Attic Insulation Installation Tips

October 3rd, 2012

Attic insulation installation is beneficial for any home owner. Attic insulation helps in controlling temperature by keeping your house cooler during summers and warmer in winters. Regulated temperature results in lower fuel consumption. Opting for Attic Insulation Installation can also help you reduce expenses on energy bills in a year. Although insulation installation is an easy job, there are certain aspects that you need to be aware of when it comes to proper attic insulation installation. Tip 1 - Do place small planks of plywood on the attic floor. This will ensure you can have a safe walk across the attic when required. Do not walk in between the rafters, chances are that you may slip and fall directly through the ceiling into the room below. Tip 2 - The process of attic insulation installation demands time and attention to detail. Do ensure that your attic is well lit before the installation process can begin. Do not attempt to use torches or any other device that needs your intervention for the direction of light to be focused. This is because you will certainly have your hands full while working on the requirement. Tip 3 - Always ensure your Attic is adequately ventilated. Sufficient ventilation is a must so that insulation can perform at its best. Insufficient vents can result in inadequate airflow through the attic. This process kills the actual purpose of the insulation installation. Tip 4 - You can begin the insulation installation process from the outer end of your attic. This will give you more room for movement. Do not begin installation in the center, as it will leave you with less space to move around. Tip 5 - Always ensure that all rafters are filled to capacity. Do not leave any spaces in between rafters. Tip 6- Do plan your activities by ensuring that you keep aside the smaller bits of insulation for use in smaller areas. This way, you reduce the need to make smaller bits from big pieces. Tip 7 - Ensure you maintain a gap of around three to four inches between the insulation and lighting fixtures. This will avoid a fire break out. Do not try and fill all gaps near lighting fixtures assuming that presence of gaps will reduce insulation effect. Tip 8 - Take precautions. Ensure you wear a mask to avoid inhaling dust into your lungs. Also use protective eye gear that will keep any flying debris at bay. Tip 9 - Attic insulation installation in presence of a leaking roof is a complete no-no. If there are any signs of moisture, do ensure you fix the leak before the installation process. Tip 10 - Avoid insulating the attic during summer as it can get really hot. Early morning is an ideal time for attic installation. Following appropriate measures can ensure that your attic insulation installation is done the right way. Some brands of insulation may also carry special instructions on the installation process. Hence, ensure you read all instructions in detail, before you begin the installation process.