Attic Insulation 101

October 3rd, 2012

Rain or shine, snow or heat wave – there’s never a place that can contend with the cozy comfort of your home, provided you’ve got the ABC’s of insulation right. Have no fear! The much-neglected attic is the central nervous system of your home. A well-insulated attic can act as your abode’s ‘temperature regulator’, reducing the heat loss or gains in extreme climates. And who better than the well-equipped attic insulation contractors of today, who can do the job in a cost-effective manner! Identify and Prep your Ceiling Structure A house may have varying styled ceilings along the roofline, be it the flat, sloped, cathedral, or storey-and-a-half types. And with these differing constructions, the services of an attic insulation contractor enable you to decide the next steps before insulation, which is reducing air leakage and ensuring adequate ventilation. Attic insulation contractors most often employ methods like caulking, wood blocking and weather-stripping to help reduce air leaks. At the same time, proper end-to end ventilation is also important to ensure free flow of air. Roof vents, soffits, gable-ends, ridges, turbine and powered vents enable this passage. The best insulation for your home When it comes to retrofitting, it’s essential to measure the correct insulation levels (R-value) for your attic according to your region, and the presence of prior insulation. An attic insulation contractorwill be able to advise you on the best kind of padding up, between the batt type and the loose fill. Both these methods have their own advantages and are used according to the proximity of joists, presence of irregular edges, and overall feasibility. In identifying these and insulating your attic, an attic insulation contractor will be able to give you a precise ‘attic report card’ and therefore, ensure that spaces are filled with the correct density of insulation. Add-on Insulation If your attic is well-insulated, it helps to check for leaks, if any. Look out for water stains on the ceiling, roof, floor or dampness in your attic. If such conditions are prevalent, call on an attic insulation contractor and get your insulation redone. Else, you can always add re-insulation on top of the present layer. Prior to this, you should seal all possible outlets and inlets for air leakage and check for adequate vents, once again. Make sure you measure the R-value of the previous insulation before piling more onto it. Incase of flat ceilings or buildings where an attic is absent, consider roof replacement or renovation and get your nearest attic insulation contractor to insulate the zone. # The Expert Touch While you may want to invest your own time and effort in getting your home and attic well-insulated, an attic insulation contractor is the right person to do so. He understands the techniques and the requirements and will ensure the right method and material to be used for the best results in your home. An attic insulation contractorwill be equipped to plug all wiring, plumbing, and electrical fixture crevices according to the procedure, in a safe and protected manner.