Aspects of an Effective Insulation System

August 10th, 2012

Attic insulation systems are not difficult to install. They are in fact commonly found in every home. Some companies specialise in certain kinds of insulation systems for certain parts of a home. However, there are some basic factors that make an insulation system effective and better than the rest. Learn more about the basic aspects of an effective insulation system before you choose to install one in your attic. Sealing the air One of the most important features that make an insulation system effective is the sealing of air. This is why, it is always better to hire professional window installers or attic insulation experts to install insulation systems in your home. The primary role of windows is to insulate the room – they basically help keep air leaks away and avoid air drafts in the room or attic. Air travels through any opening in the house, small holes, basement doors or chimney openings. However, when you are installing a new window or doing up your attic, it is important to focus on how well the company seals the air to minimize the effect of air leaks and unwanted drafts. This will help the room stay fresh for longer hours because the lesser the air leak the lesser the moisture in your rooms. Furthermore, the perfect attic insulation system will help keep rooms warm during the winter. Moisture control You would have often noticed that fungus and mildew grow during the rainy season in certain parts of your house (sometimes even on your unused clothes) or where the walls are constantly wet (near the bathroom for instance). It is, therefore, important for your attic insulation system to act as a moisture controller. In theory, a good insulation system will minimize the moisture accumulation in the air and walls of your house. This will help keep the house clean and add a fresh feel to your home. Furthermore, a good insulation system that protects your home from too much moisture will help your walls last longer and withstand changes in weather conditions. If you do not have a good insulation system, your walls will decay faster due to mould and mildew over the years. The paint will also peel off faster giving your home a weathered look. Ventilation A good attic insulation system or for that matter any insulation system should act as the main ventilator in your home. In this respect, it should help bring in clear fresh air and remove dirty stale air. This is why hiring a professional attic insulation expert is always better. A professional will be able to install the system in a way that provides maximum ventilation. The design matters Insulation systems can be designed to suit different parts of your house. However, you must take the time to choose a design that provides maximum benefit in the long run. A professional contractor will be able to advice you on what design would be best for your home structure. Sometimes, when it comes to insulation systems, especially attic insulation systems – design isn’t as important.