About Attics Plus Installation

August 10th, 2012

Attics Plus is an insulation installation company based out of Toronto. When it comes to installing insulation systems in homes, we believe that the attic is the most cost effective area to install a system. Most homes today have underutilized the capacity of their attic by not installing the right or most effective insulation systems. Attic plus insulation helps you and your family in the long run. The benefits of an insulation system in an attic are manifold. To name a few:
  • Attic insulation makes the entire house comfortable
  • Attic insulation helps reduce moisture accumulation in your home
  • Attic insulation reduces the occurrence of mites and rodents
  • Attic insulation protects the home against water leaks and damage due to rain
It has often been observed that people who do not opt for attic insulation systems suffer during extreme rain or extreme cold. That’s because water seeps through the attic into the walls of the rest of the house during the rains; in the winters the cold air does the same. At Attic Plus we believe that the right insulation system can save your family from changes in weather and extreme weather conditions. Services offered by Attic Plus Attic plus insulation and ventilation We provide insulation and ventilation services that protect your attic and thereby rest of the home. This will save you from future repair costs that you may have to incur if you do not have a good insulation and ventilation system in your attic. An incorrect insulation system or the absence of an insulation system can lead to severe wall damage, property damage, pest occurrence and trapped water and heat. Over the years, it will affect the entire property eventually rendering it unsuitable to live in. The greatest advantage of an attic plus insulation system is that once it is installed, you never have to worry about insulation problems for the rest of your life. We offer several other kinds of installation procedures and allied services right from ridge ventilation, to roof vent installation and moisture damage repair.  Our team of experienced professionals provide free estimates that show detailed break up of costs. A healthy environment within your home begins with the right insulation system. But, without installing insulation systems in your attic, your property will never reach its optimized value. The products we use We focus on using quality products that help your property reach optimal insulation levels. Our materials and products are sourced from trusted manufacturers. This ensures that your attic is always protected against weather damage and pest infestation. The proven track record of the products we use only goes to show how quality affects the insulation technique. Before we begin insulating an attic, we analyse and study your property and decide what would best suit it. We involve you in the process so you are aware of what is being done in your attic. Whatever the need, we have the capacity to protect any kind of attic through our unique insulation methods and products. Attic plus insulation has carved a niche for itself over the years. Our hard work, dedication and commitment, all contribute towards making every attic in Toronto damage free.