A Guide to Soffit Repairs

August 10th, 2012

The under surface of a structural component is known as a soffit. It is the area under the roof overhang, between the eaves, troughs and the walls on the house’s exterior. It plays an important role in ensuring that your home looks great. It also plays a critical role in providing proper ventilation. If it becomes damaged, it must be repaired without delay. How to detect damage? 1 Check for soffit damage on a bright sunny day. You may also use a flashlight. 2 Remove any nesting material from squirrels or birds that you find inside eaves.  Damage may only become evident upon removal. Animals have been known to chew through the soffit and build nests. This causes further vulnerability to weather-related damage. 3 Inspect your soffit for just about any rust if your house is not made of wood. 4 Check for chipping or peeling paint. Deteriorating paint hardly gives any protection against damage. 5 Look for mold, or soggy or rotten wood. These things signify water leaks or moisture problems. How to fix a soffit? Find what causes the damage 1 Wood soffits usually rot due to excessive moisture which provides a breeding ground for fungi. Fix the moisture problem before repairing the soffit. 2 Wood soffits are also sensitive to insect damage, especially Termite attack. Get rid of the insects before starting the repair. 3 Vinyl soffits can develop cracks in extremely cold weather. They may also become cracked by a flying object. In that case, you need to replace the cracked soffit. Repair Cut out the deteriorating soffit panels. For vinyl soffit, remove the panels by using a zip tool. For wood siding, remove all mouldings along the damaged area. Cut out a square or rectangular patch of the damaged soffit. Install a new piece/s in the place of the damaged segment. For vinyl soffit, put the new soffit panel into place, and then lock it using a zip tool. For wood, you must add soffit strips on the already existing, undamaged section. Make sure you paint or seal the wood to prevent further damage. Hire a professional soffit repair company They bring in the appropriate equipment as well as the manpower to do the job quickly. Many soffit repair companies have years of experience conducting soffit and fascia repairs. Therefore they are well acquainted with soffit materials as well as the nuances of the job. Professional soffit repair experts receive special training to inspect the exterior of your home. They have the experience and expertise to detect the damage and plan the repair. Many soffit repair companies offer to remove and dispose of the old material. Therefore you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess. This saves you a lot of time which you may spend on other worthwhile activities. In addition, renting the do-it-yourself equipment can burn a hole in your pocket. It does cost a little more to hire a soffit repair contractor. However, the little extra money you spend on hiring will yield high returns in the long term.