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As a property owner, you want to protect your investment and save on maintenance costs. Ensuring optimal attic insulation and ventilation are key ways to prevent costly damage to your home and to increase energy savings. But did you know that almost all attics today are under insulated according to new Ontario building codes? At Attics Plus, our insulation and ventilation service helps protect your attic from condensation, humidity, trapped heat, and extreme temperatures, all of which can result in costly damage, increased high energy costs and unwanted rodents and pests. Since each property has varying insulation and ventilation needs depending on factors such as roof slope, roof ridge footage, soffit availability, and moisture levels, we provide the expertise to help you select the right combination of products and ensure a professional, high quality installation. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your attic’s insulation and ventilation system, and provide recommendations for achieving the most effective control of temperature and moisture levels, and a healthy balance of air intake and exhaust to blow out the bad air and bring in fresh, clean air.